ACRI 2010 Conference

The 9th International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry ACRI2010>>http://www.acri2010.disco.unimib.it/will take place in Ascoli Piceno on September 21-24 2010.

The conference will be organized by CSAI Research Center, >>DISCO and >>University of Milano Bicocca.

This edition of the ACRI conference also hosts three workshops on recent and important research topics on theory and applications of Cellular Automata: Crowds and Cellular Automata (3rd edition), Asynchronicity and Traffic and Cellular Automata.


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29/08/2011 11:00:35

Ageing Society: from scientific-technological knowledge to new market opportunities

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29/07/2011 14:54:54

Technological Challenges and Scenarios of the Ageing Society WORKSHOP

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28/07/2011 11:20:22

CSAI & CROWDYXITY on Superquark

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28/07/2011 11:19:13

CSAI on Bnews

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11/04/2011 10:27:36


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28/07/2010 21:20:15

Interview to Prof. Bandini

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05/07/2010 15:16:53

Ageing society and techonology SUMMER SCHOOL

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05/07/2010 15:18:35

ACRI 2010 Conference

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16/03/2010 17:16:47

Prof. Katsuhiro Nishinari and Prof. Nabeel Koshak in Milano-Bicocca

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26/02/2010 14:27:17

Lorenza Manenti in Washington to PED 2010

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