CSAI (Complex Systems and Artificial Intelligence Research Centre), directed by prof. >>Stefania Bandini, was born from well-consolidated international experience of a group of researchers working in the >>Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication - Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences; University of Milan Bicocca. This experience is made by highly qualified competencies in the fields of:
  • complexity sciences
  • technologies for knowledge management, representation and treatment
  • innovative technological solutions and their spin-offs on society and production processes
The group of researchers, besides having obtained internationally-known scientific results, can boast several important application-oriented projects which were funded by both public and private Institutions. The aim of CSAI is the creation, at a national as well as an international level, of a scientific and cultural point of reference for the promotion, study and development of innovative solutions based on Complex Systems Sciences and Artificial Intelligence models.

Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication
Viale Sarca, 336
20126 Milano (Italy)
Building U14

Crowd Dynamics and Complexity

High Education and Internazionalization in the Ageing Society

Agent-based Proxemic Dynamics at Hajj


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29/08/2011 11:00:35

Ageing Society: from scientific-technological knowledge to new market opportunities

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29/07/2011 14:54:54

Technological Challenges and Scenarios of the Ageing Society WORKSHOP

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28/07/2011 11:20:22

CSAI & CROWDYXITY on Superquark

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28/07/2011 11:19:13

CSAI on Bnews

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11/04/2011 10:27:36


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28/07/2010 21:20:15

Interview to Prof. Bandini

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05/07/2010 15:16:53

Ageing society and techonology SUMMER SCHOOL

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05/07/2010 15:18:35

ACRI 2010 Conference

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16/03/2010 17:16:47

Prof. Katsuhiro Nishinari and Prof. Nabeel Koshak in Milano-Bicocca

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26/02/2010 14:27:17

Lorenza Manenti in Washington to PED 2010

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