Sixth Edition of the Cross-disciplinary and International RCAST Workshop



June 5th, 2018 (13:00~17:30)

RCAST - Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology - The University of Tokyo

Komaba Campus II - Bldg. 3s-1F, ENEOS Hall




Stefania Bandini

Complex Systems & Artificial Intelligence Research Center, University of Milano-Bicocca

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo


Katsuhiro Nishinari

Research Center of Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

The main goal of this RCAST Cross-disciplinary Workshop (Sixth Edition) is to gather heterogeneous experiences, opinions and approaches, coming from different disciplinary backgrounds in order to present and discuss research and educational directions facing the need of more strong interplay issues involving Science, Technology and Society.

This Workshop is a continuation of efforts to enrich the debate on the role that cross-disciplinary approach in the evolution of knowledge creation and in the emerging awareness of the need of new dialogues between Science, Technology and Society.

The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology RCAST (The University of Tokyo) “aims to contribute to the development of science and technology by expeditiously taking on new challenges arising from the advancement of science and changes in society thereby exploring  new areas of advanced science and technology for humankind and society” (Article 2), and promotes the convergence of  valuable knowledge sources thought gathering Scholars from different disciplines sharing their opinions on crucial issues and trends on advanced research and the related impact  on society.

In this edition, the Workshop collects contributes under the following “thinking by problems umbrellas”:

i. constant interplay in cross-disciplinary dialogue including the new frontiers of collaboration in a global multicultural and multilingual world scenario introduced by ICT facilities, preserving individual needs and dealing with the role and advantages of diversity and inclusion;

ii. new frontiers of the universal design and planning for all approach in considering the fall of science and technology on society through the creation of artifacts, services and systems of contemporary life, overcoming cultural and physical barriers;

iii. shared discussion platform of facing the longevity of people (without the growth of fertility) and the consequent ageing society, which offer a real social challenge for the creation of expected innovations in the style of life at home and in the walkability of the cities, towards universal/barrier-free planning of the future.

The Workshop is open to all the people interested to understand and contribute in the growth of awareness and actions towards new forms of cross-disciplinary interplays, urgently calling to face and shape new scientific-technological-social scenarios. 

The event will host the Kick-off of the project “LONGEVICITY: Social Inclusion for Elderly through Walkability funded by FONDAZIONE CARIPLO (Milano).

This Workshop received the patronage of the Embassy of Italy in Tokyo.


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